“I have always admired the hero’s journey. In the same way people relate to a character’s rise or fall, I believe that assets and environments offer a subliminal connection to the viewer…

they don’t just enhance a game, they enhance the experience of the user.”

Erics Kun has always been enamored with art through the worlds of film, comic books, anime and video games. A sketchbook fiend, Erics has been drawing his whole life, and became truly serious about art when video games inflamed his passion. “I remember playing one of my favorite video games and thinking to myself, ‘no matter what it takes, I have to be a part of creating these,” recalls Erics. After dedicating his life to the study of 3D Art, Erics' ambitions amplified and he received a degree in Bachelors of Science in Video Game Art and Design from the San Diego Art Institute. Erics strives to create stylistically groundbreaking art, environments, and assets through every new design adventure. Erics works to push the boundaries of the video game & 3D industry’s visceral medium, offering a surplus of detail-oriented work fueled by a passion for mastery.

I am very excited for 2023! Looking forward to sharing more progress of my works and having fun.



Artstation : artstation.com/kunevera

Instagram : @kunevera